Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Is there anything better than knowing you are breathing clean air? Right now, the air you are breathing is circulating through every corner of your home and especially through your air ducts. If the ducts are dirty or dusty, then your air quality is greatly affected. The EPA reports suggest that concentrated indoor air quality is more hazardous to your health than outdoor air pollution.

At STEAMPRO, we can help you know that you have clean air circulating through your home. Air duct cleaning can not only help save you money on your energy bill by improving system efficiency but can give you that peace of mind that simply swapping out a filter cannot.

Our Process

Our professionals access your air ducts through the vents in your floor or ceiling and air returns, often found on walls or ceilings (where your air filters are). With the power of our truck-mounted system combined with the AirCare™ Duct cleaner, we are able to thoroughly clean every inch of your air ducts. All the debris is knocked loose with the rotating bristles and is completely removed from your home by the strong vacuum of the truck-mounted system. It ensures to vent debris outside your home while pulling contaminants to a waste tank, where they are then disposed of.

Other Services

At SteamPro we make sure that all of our services are as safe and eco-friendly as possible.  We use green, eco-safe cleaning products and protectants in every avenue possible.  From our stain guard to our solutions, we take the time to find what works and is safe for everyone.



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How do I know I need to clean my air ducts?
  • Are you noticing that your house seems dustier, or do you notice dark lines in your carpet along your baseboards? We call these filtration lines, which are caused by poor airflow or air quality.
  • Are you or anyone else in your home having problems with breathing, allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues?
  • Have you recently had work done to your homes, such as remodeling projects involving sheetrock dust or sawdust?
If I notice mold, can you clean that?
  • Unfortunately, the mold must be remediated by a remediation company first, then we will be able to clean the air ducts in your home.
How often should I change my air filters? And does the type of filter matter?
  • It is better to use a simple and inexpensive filter, and change it monthly than to put more strain on your system with a thick filter thinking you can change it less often.
Can you clean my older style metal box air ducts?
  • Our system is designed for use with flex ductwork and cannot be used to clean metal box-style ductwork.
Can you clean my exhaust fan ducts in my bathrooms?
  • Our system is designed only to be used with the main HVAC ductwork, and we do not use it for exhaust fans.
My home was just recently built, and everything should be new. Why am I having troubles with air quality?
  • Oftentimes during construction, there are issues with sanding dust, sawdust, and other construction debris such as nails, drywall, etc. that make it down into the ductwork and cause air quality issues. Our process is used to extract that dust and debris to clear your system.
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