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  • Spring has sprung, and with it, POLLEN and INSECTS. As the weather heats up, so will humidity and the need to remove green growth and insect nests from your home or office exterior. While there is no way to completely avoid “nature” from growing on......

  • Dryer fires are caused as lint and dust build up in your dryer vent, restricting airflow and causing a build-up of heat. With our Dryer Vent Cleaning, you don’t have to be another statistic.  This service includes the removal of build-up, as well as removing......

  • If carpets are not vacuumed regularly, they can hold up to four times their weight in dust and dirt! Additionally, there are over 200,000 types of bacteria per square inch of carpet. You can reduce these bacteria by removing your shoes before entering your home,......

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I’ve had SteamPro power wash my house, clean my carpets and clean my bathroom grout. Not only did they do an excellent job on all three, but they were also professional, prompt and the staff was a pleasure to work with. I’ll gladly use them again!

~ Kelly Aguilera

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I contacted Steam Pro for HVAC ductwork cleaning based on the referral from a friend. They were very easy to work with and set the appointment. On the day of the service, the tech sent me a text message saying he was on the way and arrived at the specified appt time. He was courteous, professional and explained everything he would be doing. The work was done without a hitch and in a timely manner.  I would definitely recommend them!

~ Randy Sinclair

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We hired Steampro for a soft wash of the exterior of the home. The vinyl siding looks as new as it did 4 years ago when the home was built. We previously used another pressure washing service that offered a $99 special. The quality received by Steampro was well worth the extra cost. They even cleaned in areas not cleaned by the previous company. We will continue to use Steampro for our exterior cleaning services. Thank you Tony for your attention to detail.

~ Allen Radford

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Always friendly and professional. My carpets look brand new after they’ve finished. I won’t use anyone else.

~ Grant Searer

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Elliot arrived right on time, was very pleasant, and got right to work quickly. He used corner protectors so the hose would not mark up the corners of the wall. He worked very quickly and did the job right. He did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend this company. I will definitely use them again.

~ Cindy Shriver

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STEAMPRO did a wonderful job deep cleaning and applying a coat of poly to my 18 yr old hardwood floors. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! They look fantastic! They previously did a great job on my carpeting and now on my floors. I will be trying the tile cleaning service next and fully anticipate the same great results! THANK YOU STEAMPRO!

~ Vienna Hauge

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These guys were quick to schedule and my carpets look great. The whole process from quotes to cleaning to follow up was super easy!

~ Cheryl Hall

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SteamPro did an amazing job with my living/dining room carpet! It looks brand new! I have small children that left multiple stains and wear. Channing was very professional, prompt, and kind! My experience was amazing and personable from making the appointment until paying the invoice. I will continue to use SteamPro for all my cleaning needs!

~ Shatoya Atkins

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Great company! They are super responsive, conscientious; and the bottom line: the carpets look great after their cleaning! Highly recommend.

~ Melanie Mattingly

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I had a wonderful experience working with STEAMPRO to power wash my deck, patio, and pool cabana. What would have taken me many, many hours to clean myself took Tony and his team maybe about an hour and the area looks better than it ever has before. STEAMPRO was on time (early actually!), affordable, great at communicating with me (we initially needed to reschedule due to thunderstorms), and I am so happy with the finished product. I would highly recommend using them for their power washing services!

~ Michelle Ketchum


They done a wonderful job! We had really dirty vents. The technician was great! He did a very good job. Friendly and answered our questions! We will use this business again.

~ Michelle McBride

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I purchased a sofa on FB marketplace recently. I asked if it was coming from a “smoke-free” home, but didn’t think about pets. When I picked up the sofa, it had a very obvious pet smell to it. STEAM PRO was able to, not only clean the sofa but get the pet smell out as well. The sofa looks and smells brand new. The price of the sofa and the steam cleaning together was less than a new sofa would have been. I’m beyond pleased.

~ Deanna


Can I order more than one service at a time?

Yes! In fact, we have multi-service discounts.

Why use steam to clean my carpets?

The funny thing is we actually don’t use steam.  It just looks like steam coming out from around the wand.  What we do use is water that is hot enough to kill bacteria living in the carpet which can’t be done with any other carpet cleaning method.

Is disinfectant fogging harmful to my pets?

Not at all.  Our disinfectant service is safe for everyone 30 min after the service because it uses a botanical cleaner derived from Thyme.  We just advise everyone including pets be out of the house when we are spraying, because it is designed to kill bacteria and we have a lot of good bacteria in our bodies we want to keep alive.

Will my hardwoods get damaged with your cleaning process?

Our wood cleaning is completely safe and can not cause any damage to the floor.  We do not use heavy machines or machines that use water, so this removes the chance of damage being done during the cleaning.

How long will it take for my mattress to dry?

Any upholstery or mattress cleaning will take around 30-45 min to dry due to our special cleaning tool.

How do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

If your house or HVAC filters get dirty or dust quickly after cleaning or replacing the filters.

How often should I clean my gutters?

This completely depends on the amount of tree coverage around your house.  For most of our customers, we can clean the gutters once and then develop a maintenance schedule after that for that specific house.

How long does it take for carpets to dry?

It usually takes around 4 hours for the carpet to completely dry, but if there is no air moving in the house or it is really humid, these times can vary.

Why does the carpet look so much dirtier in the walkways and high traffic areas, and can these be cleaned?

These areas are looking darker because the carpet is starting to get worn out due to the high traffic.  We can clean these areas and make them look better, but they will not look as good as the areas around them, because stains and dirt can be removed, but worn-out fibers can not be replaced.

What are the black streaks on my roof and does it need to be replaced?

The black streaks on the roof are common algae that grow quickly in humid wet areas.  That is why you see these black stains in dark, wet areas and not in dry sunny areas.  The good news is they can be cleaned just like the house with a special roof cleaning solution and a no-pressure application that will not damage the roof.  this will leave your house looking beautiful without you having to pay thousands for a new roof.

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