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Professional Carpet Cleaning

STEAMPRO should be your number one choice for carpet cleaning in Wake Forest NC, Rolesville, Youngsville, Raleigh, and surrounding areas. We go above and beyond to make sure our services are the safest and most effective methods to take care of your investment. Doing so means even our most basic cleaning service is a cut above the rest.

Our Process

  • Initial over-the-phone estimate
  • In-Home Consultation
    • Explanation of quote
    • What to expect from your carpet cleaning
    • A breakdown of any problems
  • Moving / replacing light furniture
  • Pre-Spraying of all traffic areas and stains with professional-grade spotters
  • Hot water extraction (aka, “steam cleaning”) with our truck mounted system and environmentally safe, allergy-free, pH neutral cleaning solution
  • Developing a customized carpet cleaning service plan just for you and your specific needs (Services are available on an annual, semiannual, quarterly, or monthly basis.)
Does your basic package cover pet stains?
  • Our basic package, while fantastic for normal wear and tear, does not contain the enzyme treatment that would be needed to remove pet urine or feces from your carpet. We do have that as an add-on, however, and it is very effective to treat those issues.
Will your cleaning get up the dark lines around the edges of the room and doorways?
  • Those are most commonly referred to as filtration lines, a mineral deposit that occurs from a combination of the house “breathing” around the baseboards and your HVAC patterns. They are notoriously difficult to clean but can be addressed with a separate service using a specialized tool and cleaning solution. This service can be added to your comprehensive basic package.
Will my colored stains come out of my carpet?
  • Colored stains are difficult to remove, especially if they have been there for a length of time. Our stain treatment that is included in the basic package can deal with a number of colored stains, but some may require special treatment. Specifically, black, yellow, orange, red, and some blue stains can in some cases be permanent depending on dwell time and condition of the carpet.
I have some blood stains in my carpet. Can you get those out?
  • Blood stains can be removed but require special treatment. Depending on the amount of time that has passed since the stain initially occurred, the stains may be permanent.
How long will my carpet take to dry?
  • Typical dry times for carpet cleaning are between 3 ½ hours and 4 ½ hours depending on air circulation. In a pinch, when fast drying is needed, fans can be used as an addon to reduce that time by hours.
Can I put my furniture back into place after you leave?
  • We always advise staying completely off of the carpet until dry when possible. This reduced the risk of re-soiling and resurfacing significantly and gives you the best results. Additionally, placing wood or metal legs on carpet that is wet often results in rust spots and wood stain spots that are often times permanent stains.
I am worried about smells that could appear after you clean my carpet. Can you do anything to prevent that?
  • Another additional option to the basic package is a deodorizer that safely neutralizes smells and odors. This can be applied to the carpet in rooms of your choice, or even to air return filters to distribute a fresh smell throughout your home.
Do you offer a stain guard? Is it safe?
  • We offer an affordable, eco-friendly, and safe stain guard and carpet protector in addition to our basic cleaning services. This can be used for both carpets, rugs, and upholstery. It bonds with the fibers after they have been cleaned, providing a protective outer layer that makes future spill and spot cleanup significantly easier, running a much lower risk of permanent staining, and decreasing wear.


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