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Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Raleigh, NC

Even with regular maintenance and scrubbing, dust and debris make their way into cracks and crevices over time, resulting in dulled colors and reduced aesthetic appeal. We’re here to help you bring your hardwood floors back to life with in-depth and long-lasting results!

First-In-Class Hardwood Cleaning Services in North Carolina

Wood floors can improve your house’s aesthetic appeal immensely, but if not taken care of and cleaned regularly and adequately, chances are that you’ll find yourself having to undertake sanding and refinishing projects. These projects can be very costly and time-consuming, not to mention the disruptions you and your family will have to face!

To ensure that your hardwood floors’ beauty remains, you need professional hardwood cleaners in NC to refresh your wooden floors and give them a fresh feel again! At SteamPro, our hardwood cleaning and maintenance experts offer affordable hardwood floor cleaning services backed by years of experience and a blend of eco-friendly and proven products.

SteamPro ensures affordability and a dustless cleaning method for wood floors, laminates luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP), and more to renew and preserve your wooden floors effectively. How do we do that? By evaluating the amount of wear and tear on the floor, addressing any damaged parts, and then using our signature and trusted recoating process to add invaluable years to your floor affordably.

The SteamPro Inspection Process

When you call us and book a hardwood floor cleaning service, we immediately send out our team of expert inspectors to take a closer look at your floor surfaces. Their goal is to determine what to do to help you affordably achieve the desired results.

Our inspectors then valuate the effort and quantity of products that will be used to clean and recoat your floor to offer you different solutions based on your budget. We discuss options with you, explaining the process and what you can expect after we’re done.

When hiring inspectors and experts alike, we value expertise and passion for helping clients above all else. This is why we go the extra mile to give you a clearer picture of what to expect with each option. The goal is to help you choose an option that matches the end-result and affordability you had in mind!

The SteamPro Cleaning Process

We can proudly say that over the years, with the help of industry best practices and customer reviews/recommendations, we have been able to perfect our floor cleaning processes significantly. When you hire us, you don’t just hire scrubbers; you are hiring a team of experienced professionals!

The process begins by sweeping the entire area with a microfiber mop. The mop loosens debris that needs to be removed, and the second pass sweeps it all away. This is basic cleaning and gives us room to really get into your floor’s cracks and crevices.

Next, we apply a Professional Grade Wood Cleaner. This cleaner starts by breaking down oils and seeping into cracks, effectively removing dirt and grime from within wood grains, and cleaning out stubborn stains as well. With this, you’ll start seeing your floor get refreshed – but we’re not done yet!

Once cleaned out thoroughly, we apply a Hardwood Floor Refresher. This clear, durable liquid is polyurethane, which creates a protective coating on top of the hardwood floor. This fresh coat will ensure that the cleanliness we just attained remains for years to come!

The Longevity of SteamPro Cleaning Process – How Long Will It Last?

We are thorough with our cleaning process, our main goal being to ensure a long-lasting cleaning effect. However, the session’s longevity depends entirely on the traffic your floor receives. These coats usually last for 3-5 years. However, we recommend you keep a close eye on the floors. When you feel the wood is becoming dull or losing color, it’s probably time to recoat.


Other Services

At SteamPro we make sure that all of our services are as safe and eco-friendly as possible.  We use green, eco-safe cleaning products and protectants in every avenue possible.  From our stain guard to our solutions, we take the time to find what works and is safe for everyone.



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