Spot Free Exterior Window Cleaning

Spot Free Exterior Window Cleaning

From maintenance to post-construction to post-construction exterior window cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning, no project is too difficult or too small for us. Whether you’re looking for regular exterior window maintenance or need something a bit more exhaustive, such as cleaning after a storm or construction, we’ve got your back!

SteamPro – Showing You a Clear Difference in How You See the World Via Affordable & Lasting Exterior Window Cleaning

Professional Exterior Window Cleaning Services in North Carolina

When appealing to onlookers, windows stand out to showcase the attention to detail home or business owners have. Aesthetics can say a lot about residents or a business. Clean windows give off a rather neat and tidy impression; one that guests and clients are sure to be attracted to.

At SteamPro, cleaning windows is something that we really love to do. There’s something very satisfying about it. You get to see the results immediately, while our green, biodegradable cleaners ensure the windows stay clean for a long time.

We have been helping clean residential and commercial exterior windows for well over 13 years now and have always had the pleasure of using exceptional window washing equipment. This lets us offer quality results in the shortest timeframe – and at the lowest possible prices.

Our Exterior Window Cleaning Services

While there is no length, we aren’t willing to go for our customers, our basic exterior window cleaning services in NC include:

  • Inside & Outside Glass Cleaning
  • Sill & Frame Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleaning

Whether the exterior windows you’d like cleaned are on the ground floor, 3-stories high (using ladders), or even 5 stories (water-fed poles), we’ve got you covered. We make a point of never pressure washing windows; which ultimately leads to longer life and sustained cleaning.

The chemicals we use can help us get rid of even the most stubborn stains out there and leave behind a shining, smooth surface to give you the clear view you deserve. Our detergents form a protective coating around the glass so that dirt and debris don’t stick as easily.

Our Window Washing Equipment

When determining which exterior window washing company to choose, take a look at the equipment they are using. After all, it’s all about precision here. On average, you should get your exterior windows thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year.

Our equipment includes:

  • Water Brooms
  • Power Washer
  • Spray Wipers
  • Window Squeegees

We are available 24/7 and can schedule a service based on your convenience. For commercial exterior window cleaning, we can do it after hours so that your workforce doesn’t get distracted, and for interior exterior window cleaning, we can help when you’re at the office.

You will have our guarantee, during which you can survey the work done and let us know if you aren’t satisfied. We’ll come over and do the job as per your specifications, free of cost! You will also have a direct line to our operations manager to keep track of the work being done.

Residential Exterior Window Cleaning

On average, residential exterior window cleaning takes anywhere from 1-6 hours, depending on the condition and number of your windows. If your job is extensive, we assign extra labor to ensure that the job doesn’t take more than one day to complete.

Commercial Exterior Window Cleaning

Commercial exterior window cleaning can be much more extensive and duration can vary greatly. If your job is extensive or you have a tall building, the process can take a day or even more. The goal here is also to get the job done as quickly as possible, for which we assign more labor.

Our Exterior Window Cleaning Promise

At SteamPro, we have always understood the value of trustworthiness and honesty. The prices we quote don’t include any hidden cost for material or the extra labor used. If the quote was given after an on-site visit by experts, it will be final and won’t change unless you request additional services.

If you got an estimate based on what you described, over the phone, an estimator will accompany our technicians and the price may change (it may even drop) if there are any variations to the information supplied. All of this is subject to your approval, of course. We inform you of changes before beginning.

At the end of the day, our prices are revered by all across North Carolina as being extremely affordable against the quality of services we offer. We go the extra mile to ensure we are true to our word; offering convenience, affordability, speed, peace of mind, and utility all in one go!


Other Services

At SteamPro we make sure that all of our services are as safe and eco-friendly as possible.  We use green, eco-safe cleaning products and protectants in every avenue possible.  From our stain guard to our solutions, we take the time to find what works and is safe for everyone.



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